more than just money – business enjoyment for busy dads

by | Nov 5, 2021

more than just money – business enjoyment for busy dads

by | Nov 5, 2021

Get comfortable with not knowing the answer!

Andrew Miller

I was fortunate enough to have a natter with Andrew Miller recently. Andrew Miller is the Founder of Business Enjoyment. His purpose is to bring joy back into business and create a movement where everyone is talking about enjoyment as the key measure of success rather than just sales and profits.Life and business are there to be enjoyed. However, the habits and norms of society have created traps that we all hold within our own minds. They serve as chains that restrain us to a life full of struggle and without fulfilment. Andrew wants to help others to break their chains, unlock those traps and help them to lead others to freedom and a life of true enjoyment.

Dads In Business chatting with Business Enjoyment’s Andrew Miller.

We spoke about lots and shared all sorts of ideas that were inspired from Andrew’s time working in accountancy and insolvency practices, to my hesitancy in making phone calls, who we measure ourselves against and event a bit about the differences between men and women (eek!).

We shared thoughts around beliefs, expectations and why we are in business in the first place and how working in positions of leadership can indeed be a lonely place as we lack to right environment to share our real thoughts and feelings as we risk breaking stigma.

We talked about how ‘getting busy’ is a measure of success and how we might find ourselves comfortable in a new level of stress – a level of stress we might find ourselves in without even realising we got there!

Please do take a watch of the video if you want some ideas around managing yourself better, not beating yourself up and how to check in with yourself and recognised what you’ve done, where you’re going, and want to take more responsibility as a busy working Dad.

I hope you enjoy!

Please visit Andrew’s website Business Enjoyment and explore his book which inspired this conversation, More Than Just Money.

Perhaps also check out the YouTube channel where we’ll be sharing more conversations broadly around leadership, self discipline, management and more.

Dads In Business YouTube Channel

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