what is positive psychology? [video with patricia souza]

by | Jan 13, 2022

what is positive psychology? [video with patricia souza]

by | Jan 13, 2022

“Let’s start to focus on what’s right with us, not what’s wrong…”

This is my immediate takeaway and mindset shift from research and application of the concept of positive psychology. What a shift in approach this subtle change in language can bring. Working on my business and trying to juggle the roles and responsibilities that come with that and the other roles in my life – family, money, self, it can become easy to let the should gremlins creep in and leap to ‘catastrophising’ when we are met with challenges and bumps in the road.

The talk I had with Patricia Souza, expert in workplace inclusion, diversity & equity along with the concept and application of positive psychology left me feeling shifts in my awareness and focus moving forwards. I think it will help you too!

A changing landscape for the workplace.

I also see a changing environment for business leaders and those new to the workplace. Did you know we are at a time when four generations can work together in the same place?! Baby boomers, gen x, millenials and gen z are all in the melting pot together and with this has to come challenges, changes and a more aligned culture for the organisations in questions.

Patricia and I talk in depth about the topic of organisational culture and the shift in focus and expectation and how it might not be just more money that motivates the modern employee; how that organisation aligns with the values of the individual is now incredibly important too.

Video conversation with Patricia Souza

We talk about the role of positive psychology in the context of business owners, leadership and overwhelmed men and Dads along with the role and expectations of organisations and their workforce in this chat over on the Dads In Business YouTube channel.

Please take a look below and why not subscribe or tell a Dad who needs this in their life! You’ll see some reference points and links recommended from Patricia at the bottom of this article.

What is positive psychology and what to organisations need to do to put people at the heart of business?

For more around the topic of positive psychology, I find this vide from one of the pioneers of the topic, Martin Seligman, incredibly insightful

An excellent introduction to the concept of Positive Psychology by Martin Seligman.

Mindfulness resources recommended and referenced by Patricia.

Dr. Tamara Russel

Centre Directors | Mindfulness Centre of Excellence

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness – Dr Tamara Russell, PhD – YouTube

Meditations as suggested by Patricia in the Dads in Business podcast.

Guided Meditation For Powerful Positivity ➤ Peace, Focus, & A Positive Mind In 10 Minutes – YouTube

Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing – YouTube

Deepak Chopra’s Go-To 3-Minute Meditation To Stay Focused – YouTube

5 minutes deep meditation – YouTube

More about Paul Zak and high performance companies, neuroscience and economics can be found here

Paul J. Zak, Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management (cgu.edu)

Oxytocin introduction and the impact on positivity

Further reading from the Dads In Business archive.

What do busy working millennial dads expect from the workplace?

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