Family first. A chat with multi business owner, undercover billionaire star, matt smith

by | Feb 9, 2022

Family first. A chat with multi business owner, undercover billionaire star, matt smith

by | Feb 9, 2022

When I first saw the excellent series; Undercover Billionaire with Grant Cardone I was skeptical. This is all going to be a fix! I thought, half expecting the same characters we see on Secret Millionaire with overblown wigs, terrible acting and incredible fixes!

I was wrong though, the. series is super, you should definitely check it out. Season one is all about building a BBQ company but it was season two that really pricked my ears up, in particular one of their featured business owners.

Wake Up Pueblo!

Matt Smith, a multiple business owner, entrepreneur and all round inspirational person, featured on the show. It’s evident that he loves his community of Pueblo (like myself with Sheffield, UK), it’s obvious he is ambitious to the max (like me!) and it’s obvious he wants to inspire and help others with their business ventures (like me!).

But what is also apparent is his passion and belief that he will forever put Family First.

Something I always struggle with is managing my boundaries. Switching off is a weakness of mine and transitioning effectively from work mode to Dad mode. At the time of writing I’m in a busy spell with a house move looming, work keeping me busy and trying to keep a hold of my hobbies – learning Spanish and playing football. Just the other day my eldest asked me why I won’t be home from work in time for his tea again; it really hit me where it hurts. It seems I’ve lost a little grasp on my boundaries so have taken steps to try build in school drops and engage more in their time whilst I also juggle work.

These challenges and the feedback from my kids reminded me fondly of my chat with Matt Smith, especially this snippet 👇

Boundaries and commitments for busy Dads.

Boundaries and commitment as a busy working Dad.

Dads In Business meet Matt Smith

Positivity is a muscle, says Matt as part of our conversation. What a great reference point that is. His mantra for Family First really hits home and his sheer passion for building business is infectious. We talk about bending time to make sure we get done what needs to get done in the time we allow in order to be where we need to be to fulfil the family first mantra.

We talk about his excellent book Cereal Entrepreneur and his experiences working with Grant Cardone and how his routine to support his kids and bring the best from them has inspired his follow up book too.

We loved this session, I think you will too!

Watch Rob Taylor chat with Matt Smith…

Matt Smith (Undercover Billionaire, Snooze Mattresses, Wake Up Pueblo and all round epic entrepreneur talks to Rob Taylor from Dads In Business

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