The five fears of new Dads and how to overcome them with Jake Edling

by | May 8, 2022

The five fears of new Dads and how to overcome them with Jake Edling

by | May 8, 2022

Jake Edling has 7 (seven) kids!

It’s fair to say he’s pro level at this Dad game and luckily for us he has taken his learned skills and now takes this to help new and expectant Dads be exceptional. We’re going to talk about some of the common fears I know I faced when becoming a new Dad and hopefully unpack some of these fears to help those watching and listening on their journey to parenthood.

Working dads have the same fears around taking time off for their baby…

Jake believes there are five key fears that relate to the workplace and new Dads. How many of these can you connect with?

Fear #1: I’m going to be looked down upon by my boss and colleagues.

Fear #2: I’m going to fall behind at work and lose “rank” for the next promotion.

Fear #3: They will think I’m a weak man for wanting to attend pregnancy doctor visits.

Fear #4: I’m afraid to “stir the pot” and be the first one to ask for time off.

Fear #5: I’ll be labeled as the “Family Man” instead of the “Company Man”

Jake Edling chats to Dads In Business

Preparing for parenthood with Jake Edling and Dads In Business

Please do watch our conversation, share with other Dads who think might benefit from this conversation and be sure to connect to Jake!

Dunstan Baby Language – what is it?

Jake speaks passionately about the Dunstan Baby Languages and believes it’s something that new Dads can embrace to be more of a practical part of the earliest days and months of new parenthood. I’ll be honest, it was as new to me during our conversation as it might be to you reading this, but some simple web searches show just how impactful and important understanding and practicing this skills may be.

When I was a parent for the first time I can 100% connect with the feeling helpless mentality that seems common with new Dads. If I’d have known more about this then, I can’t imagine how much more impactful I might have felt!


Maybe check out their YouTube channel too if you want to research more about getting engaged with the. earliest days of your baby’s life.


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