Rethinking masculinity – a conversation with Dan Stanley

Challenging at times isn’t it, this whole man lark. What does it mean to be a man and where do we get our preconceptions from? What norms do we adhere to, even if we say we are our own voice with our own direction? Here at Dads In Business we think the life of Dad is made up of four key lenses; money life, work life, family life and self life. Too often we observe and experience the erosion of self.

I’m too busy to go to the gym. I’m too busy to see my friends. I’m too busy to eat healthy food. I’m too tired to try a new hobby. You might find yourself saying things like this, as I did and sometimes still do!

So I was delighted to chat to Dan Stanley after diving in to his great book, Rethinking Masculinity. Are you hitting some of the traditional norms of the perception of modern masculinity below ??

What are the 5 outcomes we might see from adhering to the traditional perception of masculinity?

  • You might be a workaholic?
  • You might be lonely?
  • You might have increased challenges with your mental health?
  • You might be verging on a mid life crisis?
  • Your marriage might struggle leading to divorce?

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Things must change and how we define masculinity must change too. When I became a busy working Dad for the first time it challenged my identity, my goals, my ambition and relationship with work. I HAD to be the breadwinner.

But getting busy isn’t success – is it?

Who is Dan Stanley?

I chatted to Dan Stanley from Better Men and published author about the topic of rethinking masculinity. Dan Stanley husband, a father and a dog owner.

He’s a retired award-winning senior army commando, a former national sporting champion and the author of Amazon bestseller, Rethinking Masculinity: A moderns man’s guide to succeeding in life; a book that shines a light on and challenges the status quo of modern day masculinity.

Dan is an expert in men’s development and performance and is the founder of BetterMen, a coaching practice working exclusively with men.

Dan has coached hundreds of men, helping his clients improve their wellbeing, relationships and work life balance; he’s helped men to change or re-ignite their careers, save their marriages and exit businesses for 7 figure sums.

Additionally, he is the facilitator of Men & Mountains, a men’s walking community with hundreds of members from across the UK, a wellbeing ambassador for Project RECCE, a veteran’s charity a contributor to national publications such as Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Health Magazine.

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Supporting Men & Dads in the workplace

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Supporting Men & Dads in the workplace

Download our free guide to help employers create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for men and dads.