A supportive network to help busy dads manage themselves, their family and their business. Better.

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Are you?

A fatherRunning your own businessIn a leadership position in your work.
Rob Taylor ( 0114 marketing ) & Angga Kara inspire ( Men Up North & Inner fire coaching ) have collaborated to create a specialised meet-up for Dads in business.

There are unique pressures juggling being a father and being in business.

Regularly there are conflicting priorities & responsibilities.

What are we sacrificing when saying yes?
How do we manage our stress levels?
How do switch off and be fully present with our children?
How can we take steps towards achieving success on our own terms?
How do we have it all?

Intrigued? Join us for our regular sessions.


Rob Taylor is founder of 0114 Marketing, an award winning marketing company from Sheffield. In 2016, with a 2 year old boy and a pregnant wife, Rob was made redundant from work. It was this moment that triggered a journey in to self employment and running a business.

The following 2 years have been a relentless journey in to running business, supporting family, (trying to!) have a life and juggle what seems like a thousands balls with one hand.

Running a business and a family is hard, and this group has been set up to support others in this unique position to help overcome barriers and become better in business, better at home and a better parent too!


Angga Kara is a men’s mental health expert.
Helping men to connect to their authentic self to achieve greater clarity, purpose and passion.

He founded & lead MEN UP NORTH (M.U.N) to a thriving community of supportive & forward thinking men. Started due to 3 of his male friends committing suicide, he’s developed an innovative experience where he blends leadership development, safe space for open honest conversations & deep authentic connections.

M.U.N have 2 missions,
1/ Normalise honest conversations on mental health & masculinity for men.
2 / Explore what it means to be a man in the 21st century

Since then M.U.N provided over 300 spaces for men in our groups, engaged over 1000 men and women internationally in conversations of masculinity.

M.U.N have taken over award winning barbershops, city centre high street shop, created a men’s health walking group & ran a symposium of Masculinity at Sheffield Hallam university.

M.U.N CAN WE TALK groups usually are fully booked within a day, recently in 3 hours!

Angga Kara will be the lead facilitator for Dads in business.


We provide spaces and forums to enable honest and open conversation around the roles, responsibilities and pressures that come with being a Dad in Business.

Our sessions are informal yet structured. All are welcome and encouraged to share individual experiences with the aim of improving themselves, their business, their family, but also that of the others in the group.

We will be utilising structures that's been trialed and tested from MEN UP NORTH.
You are in safe hands.


We love to hear from other Dads In Business. For an informal conversation or if you have any questions you need answered, please drop us an email.

Thank you

Thanks for taking the time to look at what we do!

We will see you at the next event!