“For me personally, it was powerful to set that time aside for myself, to fit my own oxygen mask before helping others.”

We provide spaces and forums to enable honest & open conversation around the roles, responsibilities and pressures that come with being a Dad in Business.

Our sessions are informal yet structured. All are welcome and encouraged to share individual experiences with the aim of improving themselves, their business, their family, but also that of the others in the group.

We will be utilising structures that’s been trialed and tested from MEN UP NORTH.
You are in safe hands.


“I felt they (the sessions) were very effective, having a working session every two weeks, to build a new sense of community among the Dads at Amazon (worldwide), and to work through some tough topics that we rarely have the opportunity to discuss.

It was great to see the hundreds of Dads who took part in the sessions, and all the excellent conversations and friendships that sprung up as people opened up to each other, and the survey results were fantastic.”


For employers and Dads in the workplace who want to explore what support looks like and how safe space conversations suit the working environment, the Dads In Business Discovery Session is a fantastic introduction to the topic of supporting Dads in the workplace. 

We introduce the 4 key areas of Dad focus with real life lived experiences and shared ideas about how to manage the many roles of Dad. 

Quite cathartic!”

“Just what we needed”

What is your company or your workplace doing to support the Dads? Let’s talk.

Confident and inspired workforce.

“The success of our meetings is clear from the open and honest discussion between a group of men. Rob and Angga have developed our understanding, changed our mindset and made it feel OK for men to discuss their feelings.”


Helping Dads bring the best of themselves to work, and at home.

I found becoming a Dad for the first time incredibly challenging. Life changed overnight and the lack of a support circle to help navigate this led to an internal struggle of loss of identity, what happened to me and a hopeless sense of not knowing what to do. 

I don’t profess to be the perfect Dad, in fact, I don’t think there is such a thing, but I do think stigma exists that put pressures on Dads to be at work all the time and at home all the time and looking after themselves all the time. 

We help busy Dads at work and employers create the space and conversation needed to help bring the best of Dad to work and at home. 


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