What Frustrates Me Drives Me. A Conversation with Steve Judge [Podcast / Video]

It was redundancy that led me in to self employment; a career of working for myself, building products and services for others to enjoy and for me to build a living for my family, support them as I need to and for me to realise my own potential in a professional sense.

It’s important to me that I find that purpose in a professional setting as I spend so much time thinking I know what I want, but as becomes more clear, running a business is only part of the equation; our other roles have just as an important part to play yet too often we forget that I feel and our sole focus becomes that of what our traditional role in life taught us – the man is the bread winner, the worker, the grafter. Things are changing!

In our chat with Andrew Miller previously we spoke about the voyage in to self employment is more than just moneyit’s a journey of self. Be sure to watch the video and subscribe to the Dads In Business YouTube channel!

The same storm, different boats.

In our chat with Steve we were quite clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has hit us all in different ways. Some businesses have flourished, some not so. Many businesses paused and had to innovate delivery or purpose. Steve is a professional speaker and thrives in live rooms delivering his inspiring and emotive story and key notes born from it. In March 2020 this stopped. Did he panic? Not so much, but used the time more productively.

It became clear to Steve that although we are very much in the same storm, the boats we have to ride this out are totally different. This adjusts our experiences of the Pandemic-era, all of which are discussed in the conversation.

Try and work with your golden hours – when are yours?

It’s easy isn’t it, that when faced with adversity or challenge in our business life, we double down and focus so intensely and intently of running our operation that we can lose sight of other roles. We can’t always be on and this is ok, but likewise, we must realise when our best working time is – when our golden hours are for our best work to happen, to really focus on the tasks at hand and allow ourselves the space to really create the best of our work. It reminded me a little of the excellent book Deep Work by Cal Newport.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

As a busy professional or entrepreneur, do you know what you want, like really? We focus more on getting busy and use this as a measure of success. We don’t create boundaries and our excitement in building business or success at work can become all consuming. We are reactive and not building our activity with the end in mind. We discuss all this and more in this excellent discussion with Steve Judge.

Please do take some time here to sit back and enjoy the chat!

Dads In Business chat to Steve Judge on YouTube.

Dads In Business talks to Steve Judge about personal responsibility, goals and motivation for busy working Dads.

Thanks for the book, Steve! Be sure to check it out over at Steve Judge’s website!

Supporting Men & Dads in the workplace

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Supporting Men & Dads in the workplace

Download our free guide to help employers create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for men and dads.