A supportive network to help busy dads manage themselves, their family and their business. Better.


Rob Taylor, Dad of three and award winning business owner working alongside Angga Kara, executive high performance coach are working together to support busy Dads in the workplace.


We work with employers and business owners to support Dads in the workplace. We help busy Dads find the tools to bring the best of themselves to home and to work through a variety of collaborative work.


Because being a successful Dad is hard and being successful at work is hard too. Because three times more men commit suicide than women. Becuase 83% of Dads feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. Because 90% of Dads feel guilty. 


We are creating spaces for Dads to come together and talk, hold each other accountable and share experiences of Dad. Powerful conversations that give permission to remove the mask and speak openly. 

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What Does it Mean to be a Man in the Modern World?

The Battle Against Toxic Masculinity and Gender Assumptions It was refreshing to speak to Lorde De Laurentiis recently on the Dads In Business video series. We spoke about many a topic but one thing that stood out to me was the perception, pressures, stigmas, shift of...

Checking in With Your Mental Fitness

If someone asked me about my mental fitness a few years ago or before I became a Dad for the first time I would wonder about the concept and perhaps fob it off as 'one of those things' or a fad that doesn't really hit home with me as anything meaningful. However, I'm...

An introduction to mindfulness for busy working Dads.

An Introduction to Mindfulness Why should working dads practice mindfulness? First off, what exactly is mindfulness? When we think of mindfulness, it’s easy to shrug it off as something that is just ‘not me’. There’s an association with mindfulness that conjures the...

The five fears of new Dads and how to overcome them with Jake Edling

Jake Edling has 7 (seven) kids! It’s fair to say he’s pro level at this Dad game and luckily for us he has taken his learned skills and now takes this to help new and expectant Dads be exceptional. We’re going to talk about some of the common fears I know I faced when...

How Practicing Empathy Can Improve your Quality of Life

Empathy is key to understanding others and forming deeper connections, by having the ability to put yourself in their shoes. You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”unknown. This article explores why empathy is so important, and three...

How to read Mike Michalowicz – Profit First, Pumpkin Plan, Clockwork and more!

One of my favourite business authors is the super Mike Michalowicz. His books are written from the heart, with passion but also with immense power and application to help busy business owners develop their skillset, appreciation and understanding for running an actual...

The first 1000 days. Educating ourselves to become a better Dad.

Becoming a Dad for the first time can be challenging, right? 🤯 What role do I play?🤯 What am I supposed to do now?🤯 What do I do to provide?🤯 I feel like a spare part 👆👆 All quite common feelings I had when I was expecting our first boy when I was 29. See more about...

The five stages of listening (and why they matter to busy working Dads).

"In a minute!" "Just give me a moment"**looks down at phone to refresh email while eldest tries talking to me about his day at school**"sorry, what did you just say?"**thinks about the email he needs to send while the middle boy is coming down the slide** There are...

Customer experience and what businesses can learn from their kids about the future of customer service.

What do you think of when you think about your business' customer experience? Do you have a repeatable yet personalised, reliable yet nimble customer experience? Do you know your customer journey from customer service and who do you think offers a superb customer...

The expectations of millennial Dads and the workplace.

Navigating the Dad experience. It can be hard enough can't it, having kids and dealing with the role of Dad at home and then we also need to think about our own identity and what it means to be me. A large part of me is what my professional life looks like. I take...